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With over 30 years of experience

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MIRA Genetix is a full service, High Complexity, CLIA certified laboratory. The laboratory has been in business since 1993, servicing physicians, hospitals and large health groups throughout the US. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in everything from routine clinical labs to high end genetic testing, focusing on infectious disease.

White Glove VIP Service

As a service oriented, independent and fully certified provider, Mira Genetix can streamline the process and put the focus where it belongs– on you, the client.


It can be something as simple as a customized report for a doctor, but when our lab is willing to go that extra step in meeting the needs of our clients, it makes a tremendous difference.


Our 24/7 customer service team is also fully trained to recognize your specific needs. Hence no more hold time. We are on call when you are on call.


  • Full Service Clinical Laboratory Solutions
  • Easy to read and customizable patient results
  • Rapid same day turn around time for results
  • Courier Transportation for specimens
  • IT Services to integrate with any EMR for our clients
  • Phlebotomy Services
  • Accepting all insurance plans as a one-stop shop
  • Accommodating every patient by not balance billing


Mira Genetix is committed to providing the highest quality in clinical testing services to our healthcare providers and patients for preventive and diagnostic care. This commitment is reflected in the rigorous standards of our laboratory processes because we recognize our service is more than a test result. Our partnership with our providers is the pinnacle of our business.

Urinary Track
Infection (UTI)

UTI testing by PCR can detect a broader range of organisms and helps identify potential polyinfections.


STI Testing

STI testing by PCR identifies pathogens by DNA/RNA which can make it possible to detect disease earlier, with more accuracy, and a higher sensitivity than traditional testing methods.



Fast, accurate, and reliable toxicology results with lower drug cut-off concentrations to catch low positive results.



The science of how genes affect responses to many commonly prescribed medicines, allows your Physician to make personalized medication treatment decisions for you.


Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)

The Respiratory Panel enables quick detection of viral and bacterial pathogens allowing faster treatment time, more accurate results, and can help avoid unnecessary patient hospitalization.


Gastrointestinal Panel

We offer a comprehensive molecular test for Gastrointestinal pathogens that can enhance patient care with evidence-based diagnostics.


Wound Panel

We offer a comprehensive molecular test for Wound/Nail pathogens that can enhance patient care with evidence-based diagnostics.