There are over a 1 million emergency department visits and
100,000 admissions with UTI annually in the United States.


  • Tests for a broader range of pathogens which can identify polymicrobial infections that may be missed with traditional culture testing
  • Rapid results in 24 – 36 hours can allow faster patient treatment and relief (same day results available in specific areas)
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing can provide personalized treatment recommendations
  • Results can be easily accessed via web portal
  • Helps prevent patient hospitalization
  • Reduces prescription of unnecessary antibiotics


Traditional culture testing may only detect 6
pathogens with an error rate as high as 29%!
Mira Genetix real-time DNA PCR testing can
detect up to 17 pathogens with 100% specificity.

Traditional sensitivity testing only evaluates 7 antibiotics. Mira Genetix’s Advanced Sensitivity Testing can evaluate up to 35 antibiotics.


Mira Genetix offers a live sensitivity test which quickly gives confidence in how to treat the patient providing the MIC unlike many other molecular labs. Treat the patient with 100% confidence with our state of the art technology.


Urinary Track
Infection (UTI)

UTI testing by PCR can detect a broader range of organisms and helps identify potential polyinfections.


STI Testing

STI testing by PCR identifies pathogens by DNA/RNA which can make it possible to detect disease earlier, with more accuracy, and a higher sensitivity than traditional testing methods.



Fast, accurate, and reliable toxicology results with lower drug cut-off concentrations to catch low positive results.



The science of how genes affect responses to many commonly prescribed medicines, allows your Physician to make personalized medication treatment decisions for you.


Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)

The Respiratory Panel enables quick detection of viral and bacterial pathogens allowing faster treatment time, more accurate results, and can help avoid unnecessary patient hospitalization.


Gastrointestinal Panel

We offer a comprehensive molecular test for Gastrointestinal pathogens that can enhance patient care with evidence-based diagnostics.


Wound Panel

We offer a comprehensive molecular test for Wound/Nail pathogens that can enhance patient care with evidence-based diagnostics.